Informative articles to read, especially before deciding whether or not to have your own web site, enabling you to compare Our Pages Ltd's Service with other firms' offerings.

In fact, in these articles, we are providing all the information you need to compare Our Pages Ltd's editable web site service, currently costing twelve pounds a year including VAT (sales tax), with those of the many other self editable website creation template and software providers that are widely promoted on the Internet; some editable websites are being offered for nothing to promote established brand names or to sponsor advertising, others provide websites free of adverts and pop-ups, like ours, but the costs vary considerably. With so many options now available, choosing the right website can be confusing, but if you select us, it will cost you just twelve pounds a year to have a memorable name to publicise your website and also you will have the use of OurPages Instant Editable Website Creation Templates to create and update your website for yourself anytime you are online; you will even be able to get one pound commission earned from the visitors to the website you have created, wanting to have their own site and memorable web-address, just like you!

Caution if creating a non English language site! You will need a local language keyboard to enter the text and visitors will need a web browser that specifically views pages in your language. After selecting the language that you wish to create your website in (via a drop down menu in your Administration Controls), hover your mouse over the editing icons to identify their function in your chosen language. We are unable to correct display problems other than those occurring in the English language. The OurPages Website Templates are designed to generate specific pages in any language, but multi-lingual pages can only be achieved by scanning in multi-lingual copy. Although, the back up button backs up text in any language, the acceptance of a subscription is conditional on your being able to read, write and understand English.

Many firms provide more server space for websites than we do; if this factor is going to influence your decision, bear in mind that OurPages website templates have been created with the aim to reduce the necessity for large server space requirements; for example, in general, photographs need extensive server space, yet, with our templates, you could upload a large photograph and it will be, automatically, reduced to a manageable size, probably around 30 KB - 50 KB, ready to be displayed on your website. Because there are 1000 KB in 1 MB, this demonstrates how effective our software is at minimising server space requirements.

If you intend to upload videos, podcasts or hundreds of photographs to your website, then, although you can subscribe for additional bandwidth and server space, which though will increase your annual subscription considerably, it would be far better for you to sign up with one of the many free web space services that let you upload videos, podcasts etc without cost, since they make their profits from advertising. Although you could find yourself lost in the crowd as one amongst several thousand users, you will have the best of both worlds if you use one of our instant editable websites as your ‘memorable’ contact point, unencumbered with any advertising and include a link from it to publicise the location of your videos and podcasts that you can upload to a free web space provider. There is yet another added bonus to consider, i.e. the possibility of indexing your web site yourself with the search engines; this will increase the chances of your web content being displayed to a much wider audience, should it get included in search engine results, because specific topics the searchers are interested in are being featured on your website. Alternatively, we can provide for you additional server space in 16 MB blocks or additional bandwidth in 10 MB blocks (with no limit placed on the number of extra 16 MB or 10 MB blocks of extra server space or bandwidth you can subscribe for), but our supplementary charge of twelve pounds per year for each extra 16MB or 10MB blocks required, will leave you in no doubt as to the wisdom of the above suggestion.

Our Multi-Paged Self Editable Web Sites have universal appeal. We realised that we could only achieve this, if we could offer a wide choice of memorable names, covering the widest spectrum possible, while making the web sites easy to build, even in local languages and easy to update by changing, adding or removing pages without the need to involve you with any downloads. We have also made the uploading of photos and scanned images on your website very easy to accomplish; they will be stored in your own 'On-line Personal Image Library' where, with a click on any image you uploaded, you can generate the URL to copy to on any of your web pages. Print out the 'Instructions' provided by Our Pages Ltd so they can be used to guide you as you start to add photographs to your first web pages. Indeed, any changes to your website will be instantly visible on the Internet. You can make use of a 'latest news section' to display personal news or up-to-the-minute real-time sports scores. Before saving your page for publishing, we suggest that you use the preview button to examine it. We believe that we have achieved our main objective to give customers the possibility of creating their own personalised website without the need for any professional intervention.

Half-price Introductory Offer. At the moment, Customers can even take advantage of the half price twelve pounds per year introductory offer and pay their subscription for either a single year or up to 2 years in advance. The half price offer is our cost effective way to initially launch this business and, because users will be the best publicists of the service, built into our costings, is a commission that all our customers, who sign up to use our personal domain service, can earn, when their visitors click a link on their personal web site and sign up to use our service.

Even when our Annual subscriptions will increase to twenty four pounds, this will still represent exceptional customer value and will still be commercially viable and sustainable by us; in fact, even at this higher price, customers will still get a bargain having regards to the ease with which they can edit their web site to personalise it, plus their use of a memorable domain name for their website address.

If you do not own a computer and use those provided at Internet Cafés or local libraries, you can still have your own personal website. This is conditional on you providing us with an e-mail address; if you haven't one already, click open a new free e-mail-box to sign up for one today.

It costs nothing to try out Our Pages Ltd's software for 24 hours. If you are delighted with the website that you have built (which will be visible on the Internet as you create it) and wish to retain it, you will have to subscribe within 24 hours to take advantage of the 7 days' trial period.

When you visit one of Our Pages Ltd's websites, you will be able to read an informative online booklet and a series of articles about the service; located at the end of most articles is a button for you to print out information. IMPORTANT: The Firefox browser has a known bug preventing the printing of multiple web pages in certain circumstances; use Internet Explorer instead, to print out the instructions to Create a Website, the Registration and User Conditions and other articles of interest from Our Pages Ltd's websites; do this before clicking the 'Create a Website' button, particularly if printing the instructions, which include illustrations of what you will actually see on your screen and which will disappear once you start creating your Website.

You may find that Our Registration and User Conditions are more extensive than other firms'. The Personal Domain Service is a very simple concept, but we believe it will have such appeal to a mass market, being so competitively priced, that we had to cover the various needs of all the potential users who will be creating web sites in many languages. Such a vast variety of uses could prompt contractual disputes, if things were not set out clearly. Many of the clauses have been specifically worded to cope with potential problems that may never arise, but they will, at least, give you an insight into the way we conduct our business and how we expect our customers to use their web site.

Indeed, to protect the integrity of both our Customers' and Our Pages Ltd's web sites, unlike many other organisations, who do not impose any restrictions whatsoever or do not make an attempt to prevent their Customers being exposed to offensive, indecent or objectionable content, we do impose limits as to the purposes our editable website software can be used by Customers; not only that, but also we try hard to enforce our Conditions and will delete sites that fail to adhere to them. We insist that all customers' web pages display three unobtrusive links, one of which is called Report Wrongful Use, via that link, visitors can report any abusive website that has been created using Our pages Ltd's software.

Note: Although you can create your web site in a great variety of local languages, it is essential that registrants can read, write and understand English; with this in mind, all of our customers have to confirm this, by clicking a box, before being allowed to complete their on-line subscription application to use Our Pages Ltd's personal domain service.

IMPORTANT: You can take advantage of our Introductory Offer to pay just a twelve pounds annual subscription for up to 2 years in advance. Warning: If you fail to register your subscription within 24 hours of creating your website, it will be automatically deleted.  

Beware of identity theft. Do not reply to false e-mails!

Like for many other organisations (both large and small), spammers have sent out e-mails claiming to be us, by fraudulently showing our domain name as the sender. These bogus e-mails are easily spotted because we never send unsolicited e-mails or attachments, as a deliberate practice to combat fraud. We will NEVER ask for any password details via an e-mail or instant message. If you become a customer, we may occasionally request you to update information, but will always ask you to Log In and go to your Administration Controls where you will enter your User Name and password, known only by you, to gain access.

The golden rule, if you want to do business with Our Pages Ltd, is to remember, that we let you create your own website and see it on the Internet for 24 hours without the need to provide your credit or debit card details - but please, be alert and, if unsure, remember that Our Pages Ltd is a UK based company whose contact address and phone details are clearly visible on all of Our Pages Ltd's web sites.

Alternatively, download and print the following Adobe pdf file:

OurPages Compare Services.pdf 55kb