Password and User Name prevent unauthorised access. Secret answer to Secret Question help us to verify your Identity.

A Password and User Name is chosen by you to access your administration controls when you subscribe to use the Personal Domain Service. The password should not be too short, easily guessed, or a real name or a word in the dictionary, (a password should consist of a combination of letters and numbers) but it can be changed, via your administration controls anytime.

The Customer can also create supplementary User Names and passwords via their administration controlse, for use by their invited web site visitors, to grant access to specific web pages or even their whole web site, should they wish to impose restricted viewing to their visitors.

Customers should NEVER reveal their user name and password needed to access their administration controls to anyone, so to prevent abuse.

Also, during the registration process, the Customer will be asked to provide a Secret Answer to a Secret Question. If later the Registration Agents need to verify the identity of the Customer, or the Customer claims that their User Name and Password have been hijacked and are being used by somebody else to access your administration controls, then the Registration Agents will ask the Secret Question in an e-mail sent to the "Customer" who alleges that their User Name and Password have been hijacked; if the "Customer" fails to give the correct Secret Answer, they will not be sent the replacement password and they will not be able to regain access to your administration Controls.

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